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What is SAP AMS?

SAP Application Management Services (AMS) is a comprehensive offering provided by SAP service partners to support and manage SAP software applications throughout their lifecycle. AMS helps companies to optimise performance, and to increase productivity by enabling focus to their core business activities.

SAP Application Management

SAP Application Management Service Includes

Application Support

AMS provides ongoing support for SAP applications, including troubleshooting, issue resolution, and user assistance. This ensures smooth operation and minimizes disruptions to business processes.

System Monitoring and Maintenance

AMS includes proactive monitoring of SAP systems to identify and address potential issues before they impact performance. Regular maintenance activities, such as patching and upgrades, are also performed to keep systems up-to-date and secure.

Incident and Problem Management

AMS handles incidents and problems related to SAP applications, following predefined processes for incident logging, prioritization, resolution, and escalation as needed.

Change Management

AMS manages changes to SAP systems, including configuration changes, enhancements, and updates. Change management processes ensure that changes are implemented smoothly and with minimal risk to system stability.

Performance Optimization

AMS analyses system performance metrics and identifies opportunities to optimize SAP applications for improved performance, scalability, and efficiency.

Security and Compliance

AMS includes measures to ensure the security and compliance of SAP systems, including access controls, data encryption, and adherence to regulatory requirements.

Reporting and Analytics

AMS provides reporting and analytics capabilities to track system performance, user activity, and service level agreements (SLAs), enabling continuous improvement and accountability.

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Why SAP Application Management Service?

SAP is one of the largest ERP Software Suit. IT has more than 50 functional modules, which require its own specialized set of skills and knowledge to run effectively.

SAP Application Management Services (AMS) help organizations overcome various business challenges, including:

Lack of Expertise

Many organizations lack the internal expertise or resources required to effectively manage and support SAP applications. AMS providers offer specialized skills and experience in SAP technologies, ensuring efficient operation and optimization of SAP systems.

High Operational Costs

Maintaining an in-house SAP support team can be costly, including salaries, training, and infrastructure expenses. Outsourcing SAP AMS to a third-party provider offers cost-effective solutions, reducing overhead costs associated with managing SAP systems.

Downtime and Disruptions

Unscheduled downtime or disruptions in SAP systems can have a significant impact on business operations, leading to productivity losses and revenue impacts. AMS providers offer 24/7 support and monitoring services to minimize downtime and ensure system reliability.

Complexity of SAP Systems

SAP systems are often complex and require ongoing maintenance, updates, and optimizations to ensure optimal performance. AMS providers specialize in managing SAP environments, handling routine maintenance tasks, troubleshooting issues, and implementing best practices to simplify operations.

Scalability and Flexibility

As businesses grow and evolve, their SAP requirements may change, requiring scalability and flexibility in SAP support services. AMS providers offer scalable solutions that can adapt to changing business needs, whether it’s expanding system capabilities, supporting new business processes, or accommodating seasonal fluctuations in workload.

Security and Compliance Concerns

Ensuring the security and compliance of SAP systems is critical for protecting sensitive data and meeting regulatory requirements. AMS providers implement robust security measures, compliance standards, and backup/disaster recovery solutions to mitigate risks and safeguard business continuity.

Technology Advancements

With rapid advancements in technology, businesses need to stay updated with the latest SAP innovations and best practices. AMS providers offer expertise in emerging technologies, such as cloud computing, AI, and analytics, helping organizations leverage new capabilities to drive innovation and competitive advantage.

What are the benefits of partnering with SAP Application Management Service Provider?

Cost Efficiency

AMS providers offer flexible pricing models, reducing overhead costs associated with maintaining an in-house SAP support team. This cost-effective approach ensures optimal resource allocation and maximizes ROI on SAP investments.

Expertise and Experience

AMS providers bring specialized skills and experience in SAP technologies, ensuring efficient operation, troubleshooting, and optimization of SAP systems. This expertise helps organizations overcome technical challenges and achieve their business objectives.

Focus on Core Business

By outsourcing SAP AMS, organizations can free up internal resources to focus on core business activities and strategic initiatives. AMS providers handle routine maintenance, support tasks, and system optimizations, allowing internal teams to concentrate on value-added activities.


AMS providers can scale their services according to the organization’s needs, whether it’s expanding system capabilities, supporting new business processes, or accommodating seasonal fluctuations in workload. This scalability enables organizations to adapt quickly to changing business requirements.

24/7 Support

Many AMS providers offer round-the-clock support and monitoring services, ensuring that SAP systems remain operational and responsive at all times. This minimizes downtime and disruption to business operations, particularly for global organizations with users in different time zones.

Risk Mitigation

AMS providers follow industry best practices and compliance standards to ensure the security, reliability, and compliance of SAP systems. They also implement robust backup and disaster recovery measures to minimize the risk of data loss or system failures.

Continuous Improvement

AMS providers proactively monitor system performance, analyze trends, and identify opportunities for optimization and enhancement. By implementing regular updates, patches, and performance tuning, AMS providers help organizations maximize the value and longevity of their SAP investments.

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